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Stone Cold Chic

A Who-Done-It? Who-Wore-It? Mystery

Book Two

When fashion editor Bonnie Nash worked for the merciless Melinda Mason, she wished her boss would just disappear. Life at Chic Chick magazine would be greatly improved. But when she has to identify Melinda's body at the morgue, Bonnie begins to have second thoughts.

She soon discovers her startling connection to the death scene, and she's convinced Melinda was murdered. There is no dearth of suspects who'd be thrilled to see the mercurial Melinda Mason six feet under. But when some of them suffer the same fate, the bloody plot thickens.

African American model Ravishing Rita, and Johnny, the gay-proud newspaper reporter are back to help Bonnie catch the killer. And the ever-intriguing Lorenzo is also on the case. But he's not alone. There's also a new man in Bonnie's life.

As she puts her fashion sleuthing to work, Bonnie discovers the shocking truth about Melinda and experiences compassion for her late nemesis.
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