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Mannequin Murders



Bonnie Nash, fashion editor at Chic Chick magazine, is at it again. This time, investigating the death of supermodel Ramona Upton and the eerie appearance of a drowned and dismembered mannequin made in her image.

The macabre crimes come to Bonnie's attention when she is asked to investigate at the request of the mannequin's distraught designer.

Bonnie has plenty of suspects—after all, supermodels are magnets for the jealous, the obsessed, and the unhinged. Many are capable of stalking, obsessing over, or resenting these beautiful women. The question is, which one decided to take things too far? And why match the mannequin to the murder? And perhaps most importantly, will the deranged killer strike again?

If all this is not confusing enough, Bonnie finds herself in love with two men. Is that even possible?

Find out on the pages of Mannequin Murders.

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