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Knocked Off

A Who-Done-It? Who-Wore-It? Mystery

Book Four

Flamboyant fashion pirate Trevor Templeton is dead. He was murdered while working on a new collection of knock-off gowns copied from the red-carpet confections of celebrated designers.

Trevor's murder directly affects Bonnie Nash, fashion editor for Chic Chick magazine. At least that was her title until she found Trevor's corpse and became a suspect in the murder investigation.

If Bonnie didn't kill the world's most notorious fashion pirate, who did? One of Trevor's enigmatic assistants? A disgruntled designer seeking revenge for her stolen ideas? Or the hulking man stalking an increasingly frightened Bonnie?

Bonnie has a vested interest in not having "person of interest" attached to her name. So now she's stalking a killer—even as she hopes the killer isn't hot on her trail.

As if being accused, stalked, and fired from her job isn't enough, just as her love life is purring along, Bonnie's boyfriend shares some news that threatens to shatter her world.

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