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Fans of Barbara Nachman's mystery series will also enjoy her two other novels: Editor of the Year, a newspaper tale for the Internet age and Sylvie Shine: Senior Sleuth: The Case of the Missing Neighbor. Both are funny, insightful, page-turners.

Editor of the Year

Editor of the Year transports readers into a modern-day newsroom where they meet the men and women of the press and learn who's really destroying American newspapers.

It's the digital age and The Northern Star is struggling to survive. The Internet has invaded, stealing readers and pilfering advertisers. But the new technology is not the suburban daily's most ominous threat. It must also outlive the reign of Louie Sezzman, the arrogant and incompetent executive editor.

This dark comedy opens on the day the "Little King," as he's known to staffers, is nominated for one of journalism's most prestigious awards. A fluke, causing a spike in circulation figures, is responsible for this honor. But it's not long before his trajectory takes a precipitous downturn. His new hire is a rogue reporter. Laid-off employees sue over age discrimination. The redesigned newsroom violates OSHA standards. And that's not the worst of it. Every disaster that can befall a newspaper unfolds on the pages of this spirited, moving novel, sometimes with harrowing, often with hilarious, consequences.

The Little King's personal and professional lives unravel quickly. Still, he clings to the hope of winning the award that will vindicate him and elevate him to his dream job: a VP spot at the newspaper's cushy corporate headquarters.

Not until the very last pages will readers learn if Louie Sezzman beats the odds to become the next Editor of the Year.

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Sylvie Shine Senior Snoop Sleuth The Case of The Missing Neighbor Book Cover


With her "eavesdropping apparatus" pushed into her troublesome ears and her floral cane supporting her bum ankle, Sylvie Shine is a self-proclaimed snoop at the Harrisdale senior apartments. When her old friend and neighbor, Bea Vale, goes missing, Sylvie must transform snooping into sleuthing.

Her perpetual optimism is put to the test when two women's bodies turn up not far from the apartment. Their wounds make identification difficult. But police are certain one of the murder victims is Bea's age. Soon another elderly woman goes missing in Harrisdale and the buzz is about a serial granny-napper. Sylvie isn't the only one working the case. Detective Singleton thinks Bea has wandered off. Isn't that what old folks do?

In the end, it's Sylvie, with her hearing aid, walking stick, and "octogenarian intuition," who solves the case of the missing neighbor. Find out how she does it in Sylvie Shine: Senior Sleuth: The Case of the Missing Neighbor.

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