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Catwalk Killer



Bonnie Nash, fashion editor at Chic Chick magazine, once believed "drop dead" meant the epitome of glamour. That was before the catwalk killer prowled the runways.

In Catwalk Killer, Bonnie has a front row seat to the murder of super-hot fashion designer Natan Arpel as he takes a final bow at the end of his sensational fashion show. Soon designers on both sides of the pond are dropping faster than red-carpet necklines.

The police are clueless. But Bonnie, with her stiletto-high fashion I.Q., is on the murderer's trail. She follows the crazed killer from New York to London, Paris, and Milan. But she's not alone. Ravishing Rita, an African American model, and gay-proud Johnny, an enterprising newspaper reporter, are her fashionista friends and sidekicks. And then there's Lorenzo, international man of intrigue and person of interest—in more ways than one.

Will the stylish sleuths catch the killer before more designers die? That remains to be read on the pages of Catwalk Killer. In the meantime, they find plenty of time for romance and shopping.

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